Ok back when working at GNC years ago, when things were normal lol. I remember learning about the Anabolic Window. As most of you know I have stated that I use to work out very hard years ago, and that I let myself go. Now I am back in the gym with more then a purpose of training to get a better looking body, but to have a complete healthier body for my family and myself. I know the tools and have plenty of knowledge once I apply it all. My biggest problem is although I eat healthy meats, and veggies, I don't eat enough small meals, and I always get freak out that the more I eat the more I'll gain weight. I have struggled with weight loss ever since I got out of the gym years ago. I even had test levels done and were below the 300 mark. Although My uro says he got be back with in range by androgel pumps, I don't feel much different. He seems to be hell bent on the gel, but I am thinking of telling him I would like the shots. Anyway my breakfast normally consist of two slices of ham, two eggs, and cup of rice or two slices whole grain bread. My lunch varries to much to list. I eat only leat meats, but I would like to get away from process lunch meat that I eat for breakfast. I love fish, tuna, steak, chicken, and turkey. I need more discipline on complete all around meals. I have the lean meat down, veggies, but my side dished are always the same sweet potado and rice. I would like to use the best guide of food choices to help burn fat and perserve as much muscle as possible.