Retinal detachment/working out.

  1. Retinal detachment/working out.

    Hey folks,

    I was recently diagnosed with a retinal detachment (macula off), about a day after getting poked in the eye (freak accident at practice). I have since gone from 20/20 vision to 20/100 in my left eye. I'm slated to go in for surgery on wed. I've been told by my doctor that there is absolutely zero possibility of working out for almost the next 3 months. Has anyone dealt with this prior? 3 months is a damn long time...

  2. Wow bro sorry to hear this. I'll tell you this - do not chance it. You do not want to be blind or partly blind in one eye just to get a few extra months in the weight room.

    What about trying to find some AICAR or GW1516? Exercise in a pill.
    Back.... for real this time

  3. nothing is off the table at this point. I will gladly take 3 months of time for my eyesight any day. I'll look into AICAR and GW1516.

  4. Just wanted to give a quick update. I had my surgery done to reattach my retina on Wed. I am in quiet possibly the worst pain of my life. Any time I literally move my left eye there is a stabbing pain, I also have very bad light sensitvity. I won't be able to work out short of walking for the next 4 - 6 weeks. Hopefully I can get back on the war horse soon enough. At least they gave me percocets...

  5. I NEED to talk to you BEFORE your surgery!

    Friend had this done a few weeks ago and now is almost blind. It was his second surgery but on his other eye. First surgery went fine no problem.

    Second one bad complication because of something used during the surgery. I can give you details via email if you like

    Feel free to email me at crowler [at]

    EDIT I didn't read any further than the first post. That does not sound normal for you to be in that much pain.

  6. PM sent, quicker for me to use this. I rarely check my email...

  7. hope all goes well!


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