Becoming a Trainer/Nutritionist

  1. Becoming a Trainer/Nutritionist

    I was just wondering from the people who post up alot here online, how hard is it to become a trainer and get into being a consultant for clients for nutrition and health.

    Obviously i have to get my certification and there seem to be some good places for it, but does anyone have any suggestions, my gym owner is recommending me to the mania convention for my cert and learning.

    I have a good base background and love to do this, i just would like some pointers from people on starting this and getting it off the ground.

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    Becoming a "nutritionist" is way too easy - they've shown people are able to get certs for that online for their dogs (literally). A registered "dietitian," however, is pretty difficult. The procedure for that is far more complex. I'm actually looking at picking up a 2nd bachelor's degree in dietetics eventually, but that'll be something I'm not planning on getting for a while.

    A CPT (certified personal trainer) cert is probably going to be far easier for you than the dietitian distinction. There are a number of places you can go through, but I wouldn't recommend anything than the big 3 or 4 that people put the most faith in: ACSM, NASM, ACE (in no particular order; and those are the 3 I'm most familiar with).

    Now when it comes to actually getting a job and making money...that's a different story

    I plan on doing both of these things eventually, but only for a side job more for fun than for income (definitely not quitting a day job for this; though if you can get on somewhere good, a dietitian is going to rake in a pretty decent amount of cash).
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  3. I too was thinking of becoming a nutritionist but then realized that anyone can do it and fairly easily. Now I am looking into becoming an RD. It will be more difficult and cost more but the end result will be much better.

  4. Here's the problem with a nutritionist and PT: it's way too easy.

    Here's the problem with being a RD: it's ****ing irrelevant. I have talked/had class with so many RD's throughout the years and they all have their heads far too rammed up their asses to really help. They go by their textbooks, which, if you've read them, are not only outdated, but also have a one-size fits all mentality to them. They know a lot about the metabolic process, but lack the thing that really matters: practical knowledge.
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  5. HAHA, i have sat in a few of those classes

    Much appreciated for all the input guys

  6. Yea again its to easy. Just google free PT courses there's plenty you can do and be qualified lmao. I spent 5000$ and did a pretty major course here in Australia. WHY??? god knows waste of money if you ask me. Dont get me wrong the information and experience was great! But i could've paid 1/3 of that and got the same thing! The problem is cheap pt courses and message boards. Everyone and there 130pound soaking wet frame are gurus these days.

  7. I bought NASM and didnt have enough time to study and take the exam and I also bought NCCPT and failed the damn test and retake cost 110$ so I said f the end wasted about 1200 dollars ahhah, so if your going for a CPT make sure you have enough time. Im a dumbass


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