Bloody stool from test booster, concern?

  1. Bloody stool from test booster, concern?

    Kinda gross but im a little concerned here. (as directed on label) Im running myodrol, inhibit e and testofen for about 2 weeks now and i have noticed a bloody stool. Not so much in the toilet. but when i wipe i notice some blood. Its every time i use the bathroom. and i noticed i have some really bad gas! Should i be concerned? Maybe its irritating my prostate? Thanks!

  2. sure your not just crapping lots and its all the wiping making your ass bleed? apparently thats quite common as a doctor of mine told me once!

  3. Do roids bleed, as in hym? Could be something of that nature.

  4. Yeah its red not black. And its not in my stool but the paper. So im thinking it from wiping alot. could be a hemorrhoid?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by jcr1 View Post
    Yeah its red not black. And its not in my stool but the paper. So im thinking it from wiping alot. could be a hemorrhoid?
    it could be a h-roid... try some a&d or preparation h...but your best bet is to go to a doctor and get checked out... let him know what your taking

  6. lol thanks! but i cant tell my endocrinologist im taking a test booster! He would kick my a$$! lol. I dont have a reg. health care doctor, no insurance. Just a endo 4 my hyperthyroidism.

  7. Could be lots of things, including lack of fiber, and not enough water.

    Next time you go to the bathroom check if its *on* the stool, could be Diverticulitis which is when pockets that form in your intestine get infected or something along those lines.

    I had that happen to me once,and the best thing to do is not to eat roughage and anything too strong to the stomach, so eat soups and protein shakes etc..

    You may want to do a cleanse via Magnesium citrate, its the stuff they give you before you go in for a barium enema. Its a fizzy drink and the bubbles will loosen up whatever is causing the irritation.

    Do you have stomach pains?? Also last but not least see a doctor, and no way on earth a test booster will cause that.

  8. I would go to a doctor just to be safe. I don't care if it costs $100.

    And should you be messing with test boosters with your thyroid condition? Definitely talk to your endicrinologist.

  9. You may have a anal fissure which is also quite common and occurs from hard stool exiting the anus. In any case bloody stool is something to definitely get checked out.

  10. This has got to be the grossest thread I've ever

  11. Quote Originally Posted by catty66 View Post
    This has got to be the grossest thread I've ever
    Unfortunately, a lot of people hve these things happen and don't deal with it till too late.

  12. If it's bright red, that rules out an upper GI bleed pretty much. If it's not on your stool and only on the toilet paper, then hemorrhoids or a minor anal fissure. Normally I'd say go to your doc but this sounds pretty minor. Obviously if you feel unwell/worse/it doesn't spontaneously resolve in the next week or so go to the doc.

  13. ^^^Good advice, blood in your stool is something to get checked out, especially if it is dark red. A bright red only on paper is more than likely some type of hemorrhoid.

  14. Yeah thanks everyone. Im all good its starting to get better. I believe it was just a anal fissure. The blood was not in my stool just the paper. So i was concerned and thought id post something. But its all good now thanks! Im on a bulk and im eating a lot thus crapping a lot thus wiping a lot. So i think i just need to get some better teepee and possibly wet wipes. Thanks.

  15. I say you need to go get a digital exam...

    ...think about...

    I'm just messing around. In all seriousness though, don't put the doc off if things don't get better.

  16. My butt's feeling better thanks.


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