Fast Food for Bodybuilder

  1. Fast Food for Bodybuilder

    I thought I would try and get a list of healthier options from fast food places going. Most people dont have much extra time in the day and this could be helpful.

    I'll start,

    Subway- Double meat turkey on wheat w/ whatever veggies you want.

    Keep the list going...

  2. thats not a healthy option, that wheat bread is not much better than white bread at the store. same enriched white flour.

    could always do what i do. cook up a bunch of chicken/spinach/veggies on weekend and have a fridge full of zip lock bags for the week. doesnt take any time out of your day.

  3. I love subway. The 9 grain oat bread, ain't bad.

  4. check the ingredients, most likely same high gluten flour

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