hamburger helper?

  1. hamburger helper?

    Hey folks, just lookin to get some opinions on hamburger helper. Im a college student always tryin to save money and time so I have been resorting to hamburger helper made with deer meat quite frequently thruout the week. I know the deer meat is lean and protein high, but is the hamburger helper mix bad for bodybuilding? Im looking to bulk up more, I just don't want to be eating all the time if its bad for you.

  2. I would say it is bad for you in certain ways.....its full of processed chemicals, which you may or may not care about, and usually full of simple carbs, not to mention the huge sodium imbalance which is more than likely msg(or hydrolized vegetable protein which is the same thing) and horrible on your insulin levels. If youre looking for just excess calories yes its fine.

    its hard to bulk healthy on a limited budget though, tons and tons of oatmeal and brown rice is cheap, red potatoes are good if you want the starch carbs and 600 mg of potassium in a serving versus the "bad for you"type of sodium and a lot healthier. all microwavable of course.... and you will feel a lot better and get a lot further in your training by keeping your sugar levels at more of a constant than spiking it with all that pasta. This should help a little. its just the surface for a more balanced diet towards training but it should get you started.

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