So I was wondering...

During a short PH/DS cycle like MDrol, people report gaining ~15 lbs while gaining very little fat. That's 17,500 Cal per week in a 3wk cycle. Meaning a surplus of 2500 per day!

Now, during PCT, it is advised that the same calorie intake and training regime be maintained. So now that' 2500 cal surplus w/o increased protein synthesis to prevent fat storage.

So my question is... Where do these calories go?

On-Cycle, without a doubt, the increased glycogen absorption of the muscles will cause a gain in weight, but the diuretic effect of MDrol will keep weight balanced or lower while putting on lbm at the same time (thus the nearly 0 weight gains int he first week). Afterwards, in wk 2-3, mass will shoot up since there's no more water to lose, and lbm is increasing.

Now... during PCT... the anabolic effects cease, and assuming proper PCT regime, estrogen isn't able to really cause water retention and fat gain. So how does one lose weight on a 2500cal surplus? Even if one lowers daily consumption to a 1000cal surplus, how doe gains disappear? I can understand the first few days weight going down due to decreased glycogen content, but after that.. why do people report gains of 15lbs on-cycle, and end result after PCT of a net 10lb gain. all while on a surplus?

I just don't get how that works... losing weight on 1k caloric surplus...

Then there's some people who say that diet while on-cycle shoudln't be that extreme, and around 1000surplus is good. then where does the weight come from? all extra water? o.O

Can someone explain this to me?