How do you feel about these proteins?

  1. How do you feel about these proteins?

    How do you feel about these proteins? I really enjoy eating these foods and although they contain some protein, I don't know if they are a great source.

    Cheese - cheddar, pepper jack, mozzarella
    Refried beans
    Non-fat milk

    Also are any of these proteins good for when bulking as opposed to cutting and vice versa?

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    Cheese and cashews are fat sources - they offer protein, but I'd put them in the "fats" category, myself. Refried beans I'd put into a "carb" category, and same as skim milk, to be honest. You can get protein from these items, but there are other macro-nutrients in there.

    If you're looking for "protein" you want meat, protein powder (when applicable), eggs / egg whites, etc.

    And whether something is good for bulking vs. cutting depends mostly on your macro needs for your diet. If you're doing a 40/40/20 split, you're fine with some carb sources in there obviously. If you're doing a ketogenic diet, you could have a ton more fat and none of the carbs - no real "one answer serves all" here.
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  3. eat the cheeses, milk and nuts at night, I eat fat free cheese so I can consider it a protein since thats all thats in it. eat your meats and whey during the day, they signal an anabolic response in your muscles which is what you need for the first half. the proteins you are asking about are good at night because they do the opposite, which makes them relax, which is what your body tries to do naturally. Thats why they promote casein protein so much aka milk protein before bed because it relaxes the muscles and eeds them all night...........

    example...i used to workout before work when I was on 2nd....bust my ass at the gym, slam a muscle milk, which is full of casein, then go and try to build engines on incentive. cramps cramps and more cramps even if I hadnt worked that body part that day. Also with the nuts, you are getting healthy fats you need in your blood stream, want to eat them, or at least get most of your healthy fats at night. Or both works too, they re obviously good for energy but you will burn the healthy fats for energy instead of using them for healthy everything.

    the subject of soy is touchy but I doubt youll be eating enough refried beans to affect what Im talking about. too much soy...i think 50 grams a day can raise your estrogen levels...but thats a lot of beans. theres benefits of soy too but if youre interested there is plenty of info on it if you do a search

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