Why am i always tired?

  1. Why am i always tired?

    I seem to always find myself tired while working out and throughout the day, and can't pinpoint it to exactly what is causing it. What are some reasons for being tired all the time, is it a vitamin deficany? Low test levels? Something to do with diet?

    A little background to help you narrow down the causes im a college student i usually get my 8 hours or more of sleep a night, and my sleep is quality i never wake up during the night. I eat a well balanced diet as well i just can't figure out why im so tired. Im not stimmed out either i havent been on stims in over 6 months.

    Just looking for some advice any is helpful.

  2. well do you feel low test levels, like loss of libido? no stims meaning no caffeine at any point during the day? post your sample diet.

    if all fails you could have an immune system issue, maybe mono or something.

  3. This has been an issue my whole training career i dont drink soda or coffee and havent taken a pre workout in over 6 months. My diet varies but has the essentials whole grain bread/bagels chicken brown rice vegatables i just started taking a multivitamin again maybe im lacking a vitamin in my diet. My libido is average i cant exactly say its great or bad its average. I just cant think what im missing so im gonna try the multi for a while make sure my diet is dialed in and if doesnt work try a test booster i guess.

  4. get full bloodwork done, testosterone free and total and everything else

  5. how long have youve been lifting for? how many on and off days, how much cardio? how many sets and reps?

    maybe over trained.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by AntonG42O View Post
    get full bloodwork done, testosterone free and total and everything else
    bloodwork says it all..

    stress, diet, hormones, routine... all could be causing the lethargy

    All posts are for entertainment purposes only.

    Need2slin... NOM NOM NOM :yup:

  7. Consider sleep apnea, elevated test contributes to it, so does overtraining.

  8. Ive had the problem most of if not all of my training career, so i can't attribute it to overtraining since i feel it after i havent worked out in a while either. I started taking OEP yesterday as first stim like product in a while and felt fine during workout. Im thinking there has to be some underlying problem since it has persisted most of my training career looks like im getting bloodwork.
  9. Always tired


    It might be less percentage of vitamin C in your body which makes your bones weak. Take more of fluid and fresh fruits. Go for fruits rather than their juices.


  10. go to the doctor, seriously, then if everythng is ok, focus on the outside factors like diet, vitamins, training, etc., and try to take some advice from the forums.

    Theres too many systems and hormones and other things that go on in your body and there is at least tests for that. After everyone gives you their 2 cents on it you could be taking every supplement vitamin and drug ever made.

    Good luck...my heart rate is/was 28b.p.m. at sleeping and takes me forever to get the blood flowing and have always been tired and sluggish in the a.m. until stims......and 28 bpm at sleeping is actually good, nobody argue with me that it should be 60 please because it doesnt have to be if your an athlete. Scared me when I first found out then releived it was from years of sports and exercise and not the '''chardia''' that comes from a slow unhealthy heart good luck again


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