Pasta Measurement

  1. Pasta Measurement

    Ok so I measure out 2 cups of cooked rotini. The box says serving size is 2oz, I'm assuming they use uncooked noodles for that measurement right? How would I know how much Ive used lol? So 2cups = 16oz right, buuuut... noodles expand when they cook from water absorbtion. Sooo.. how many oz, for nutrition measurement purposes, is 2 cups of cooked wheat rotini?

  2. I found a thread somewhere, where it stated 2 oz uncooked = 1 cup cooked. sound right?

  3. My guess is that that it is a weighted measurement not a fluid measurement. So, 2 oz. weighed before cooking would be the way to measure. You can verify this since the box is based on weight, and if 2oz is serving size, mutliple the number of servings in the box by 2oz and this should equal the box size. You will need a food scale.

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