Meal timing

  1. Meal timing

    Do you want to eat as soon as you wake up? I generally have a protein shake w/ ground up oatmeal within 20 mins of getting up. I think I should add a little more to that?

    Also, does it matter what time you stop eating, as long as its 2 hours before bed? I generally try to eat every two hours, but sometimes.. due to being at work, it takes 20-30 mins to eat a meal. Do I really need to try to get the food down faster?

  2. Sometimes I have a protein shake with maltodextrin in the morning. Sometimes I feel real food is more important and on certain tight schedules where time is limited, I take every opportunity to eat whole food instead. But of course it varies and I am always mixing it up and I advise this option as well.

    Currently, I have 2 big meals plus one small meal before bed. The small meal is just milk. I recommend slow digesting carbs (example would be the lactose in milk) before bed. You don't want a large insulin spike prior to bed, which could hinder GH release during the sleep. I may still be a believer in "stuff you eat before bed has a greater chance of turning to fat." Or I may not; at the same time I am aware of daily energy expenditure. [DEE] should mean, and I believe, that if you need 2500 calories to maintain the same weight and you eat 1000 of those calories prior to sleep, you should remain at the same weight (muscle:fat mass) as yesterday [calories in vs. calories out]. Thus with common sense and a little hesitation I believe otherwise at times, thatís why I have the smaller meal before bed. I do not recommend leaving 2 hours after a meal before sleep. Sleep normally is 8 hours, a time for growth and recovery, give your body nutrients, a small portion of "low glycemic" carbohydrates and fats, as well as protein.

  3. have whole eggs or cottage cheese before bed. you want a protein source thats slow absorbing. don't take any carbs the meal before bed.

    its fine to have a shake when you wake, but I would have a solid meal within an hour of waking.

  4. I try and take slow acting protein and slow burning carbs before bed with glutamine. seems to be the best or one of the best ways to save muscle. fat free cheese sandwich on 15 grain bread with glutamine. sort of a balanced mini meal. shakes dont keep me asleep wether its casein or not, thats why its food instead

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