Any reason not to?

  1. Any reason not to?

    Is there any reason not to have my breakfast consist mostly of fat/protein instead of carb/protein? I gain fat around the midsection way too easily, so I'm thinking of just having carbs at lunch (last whole-food meal before working out after work).

    In the mornings, I normally make a smoothie consisting of a scoop and a half of protein, liquid egg whites, one or two whole raw eggs, natty pb, frozen (fresh) blue berries (instead of ice), sometimes EVOO, and a little no-sugar-added nesquick.

  2. It never hurts to try new methods if there is good reasoning behind it.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. What would you normally attribute mid-section fat gain to? Diet, or something else like low test levels?

  4. It's usually a diet and genetic issue. Some are sensitive to glucose and others are not.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    It's usually a diet and genetic issue. Some are sensitive to glucose and others are not.
    Is there anything than can me done to deminish the genetic part? I don't mean completely overcome it, but just sway things a little in my favor.

  6. cardio and stick to whole foods. walking up hill on an incline preferrably(sp). the more carbs I sacrifice in return starts to effect my workouts. I really believe you can eat fruit all day and it will only help you. you seem to have quite a protein shake too. I understand they are different types of proteins in there but you can store protein as fat too. Ive never seen any whole food eating lifting cardio freaks that have ever had a problem keeping fat off. it was scary how much ft i lost when i adopted the no preservative, no hydrogenated or trans fat diet. my doc thought i had cancer. I am a genetic failure so to speak when it comes to metabolism. can get huge quick though, but when it comes getting cut its an all whole food and protein shake diet,

    running and eliptical will just burn muscle, calories too, but hard earned muscle

    try walking at the highest incline at 3.0 at a half hour, at 240 for me its rough
    then do intervals of walking backwards uphill, its actually the best cardio for your heart as well, low impact for the muscles too.
    of course this all depends on if your"stubborn" belly fat is 8 percent or 25 percent bodyfat. and you have no stats up to judge. just some thoughts

  7. Id be willing to bet 70% of my body fat is belly, if not more. What would you suggest for my shakes? Or were you not not saying there was anything wrong with mine?


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