Need help please repsond Trying to Get reciepes for diet plan on weight lost.

  1. Need help please repsond Trying to Get reciepes for diet plan on weight lost.

    I really could use some ideas on lean meats reciepes. Along with side to go with them. I keep eating sweet potato's and rice, don't know what else to use in place of those since mash potato is suposed to be bad. I would take any ideas on meals. I love spice just not to hot. Also does any have a detailed log of foods for breakfast lunch and dinner for me. I am 5'5 255 trying to get down to 180-190.

  2. how are your workouts going to be first. 5'5 255 start cardio, start slowly and get your b.p. checked. cut out anything processed. get it out of your house or youll eat it eventually. stick to chicken breasts, and fish for meats, lean turkey too. im not against red meat just for now take it out, find something else for iron, or maybe just eat it once a week. heres a list of foods you can stick to for awhile

    the thing is im extremely picky and have a hard time with food cuz its so damn good so when i cut this is all thats in the house

    1st- adopt an every 2 hour eating habbit not a 3 big meal. you can still have the 3 main meals just eat smaller and use either whey replacements or nuts or apples or oats etc for the others
    an ideal meal is closer to healthy fats protein and some carbs try not to eat just one thing they all work together for metabolism and nutrient aborbing
    skinless chicken breast
    fish-baked only
    vegetebles and fruits tons of greens, not so much on the corn and taters
    egg whites
    fat free cheeses
    cottage cheese
    brown rice
    black beans
    kidney beans
    skim milk
    red potatoes baked/microw. not mashed they have a higher glycemic level(sugar )
    sweet potatoes but dont eat every night. the vitamin a will build up toxic to your liver. 666 percent in 1 serving and its not like vitamin c where you piss it out, it gets stored in the fat.
    spices----look up healthy spices and you will get a ton of them that will help with metabolism and sugar levels(cinnamon on a sweet potatoe for instance)

    as for meat recipes i fricken hate chicken ive eaten so much of it
    -try chicken breast dipped in egg whites then into bread crumbs with dry ranch over the top(hidden valley makes dry ranch) no fat. low amount of carbs, no fat, good protein, with some spice.
    -baked fish with lemon pepper is decent. get some extra virgin olive oil and put it on top after you take it out of the oven....why after? if you heat up extra virgin olive oil past a certain temp...i think 220 or so it oxidizes and becomes not healthy anymore.
    -crock pot chicket is about the most tender you can get chicken, soaks all day cooking slowly and keeps the juice, add spice to taste of course. i dont cook it i just eat it.

    seriously though get rid of any flour or starch products and sticks to fruits vegetables nuts fatless dairy chicken fish brown rice, oats, salads and in a few weeks it will become a lifestyle. theres a ton of healthy recipes on th internet just avoid pastas and breads and processed foods. if it has a list of chemicals in the ingredients....dont eat it low fat wheat thins arent even close to being healthy for example....i can go into more detail i you have more questions and im not trying to make it sound easy, this **** is hard for me too but its a lifestyle change for the best

  3. p.s my grammar and my keyboard suck right now so i hope you can understand what I meant.

  4. Just eat red cabbage and hummus. Or basically any vegetable and hummus. Extremely delicious, low glycemic index, good for you.

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