PWO question

  1. PWO question

    I got called into work this morning and didnt get a chance to prep a meal other than downing my PWO shake before rolling out.

    I added a cup of cottage cheese to it thinking it would cover me on top of the whey until i could get some solid food in me. I've read in various threads that claimed mixing slow and fast proteins can change how quickly it is put to use?

    Would adding the casein pwo to my whey be a bad idea and slow absorption for the whey?

    was pretty damn good btw.

  2. cottage cheese will not slow the Whey absorption, but you'll have the Casein for slow steady absorption. I always mix my shakes with both fast and slow absorption proteins.

  3. Agreed.
    If you can afford it, and dairy doesn't bother you, it's a good mix to have.

  4. Yup. Since you do it first thing in the morning like me, here's what I do: If you would normally take, say, 25 grams of fast protein by itself then just add the slow on top rather than lowering the amount of fast protein.

    And don't quote me, but I recall reading that some study showed that including a slow protein post workout actually made you more likely to have an appetite sooner. I noticed that is true with me as well for whatever reason...

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