back aches, knee pillows, and lack of sleep, oh my!!!

  1. back aches, knee pillows, and lack of sleep, oh my!!!

    For years I aways had a knee pillow, not like the fancy ones on TV that keep your spine in alignment, but just an old flat folded over flat pillow, and I always had it in between my knees if on my side, or under them if I'm on my back. Anyway, a couple nights ago it fell on the floor early in the night and I said F it I'm too tired and lazy to get it, and the next morning, almost no backaches!! As a test, no old man knee pillow the following night, and less backaches!!

    Have the info-mercials been a lie this whole time? Is this old pillow the cause of my backaches? I just thought that it was odd.

    But my real problem, I can go to bed at 730 or midnight, and be up at 3-4 AM rip roaring ready to go....I have tried melatonin, nyquil, advil PM, tylenol PM, and nada....I can fall asleep A-OK, but can't stay that way. I quit chewing tobacco over 3 months ago now, and the first 3 weeks I had bad insomnia, then slept good for a couple short weeks, and after I've been getting up early.

    Any ideas or recommendations? I'm using it to my advantage and hitting the weights at 430 in the AM before work, but I don't want a lack of sleep to be interfering with any gains. And I get tired fairly early in the day, but can't really squeeze in a nap.


  2. I too use a knee pillow. Can't really sleep as good without it, much more comfy without my knees touching (side sleeper). My back aches went away once I started using a little bigger pillow and bringing my knees up closer to my chest.

    For sleep I would recommend trying Need2sleep by Needtobuildmuscle. Never really a solid straight through sleeper either but taking this I have had some of the best sleep. Don't wake up to go to the bathroom near as often and can easily sleep 9 hours+. I only take 1 pill when the serving is 2 pills and it works great for me and even better when dosed with a few zma pills. vivid dreams.

  3. I've had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep since my teens. HGH-Pro gives the best sleep ever. Hit an AI rep up for some samples.

    This always helped my lower back pain:
    Piriformis muscle stretch
    The piriformis muscle runs through the buttock and can contribute to back pain or leg pain. To stretch the this muscle, lie on the back and cross one leg over the other and gently pull the other knee toward the chest until a stretch is felt in the buttock area.

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