is my day put to waste?

  1. is my day put to waste?

    i worked out very hard today, did 15mins of HIIT and did full arm workouts for about 2-3 hours, plus abs. all on an empty stomach. but i feel like i really messed up my diet. heres what i ate: 2 egg whites with whole wheat toast(2 slices), a 25cent bag of whole grain original sunchips, a 100calorie box of stick pretzels, turkey sandwich on a white roll(only option at my college), and 3 kfc grilled toasted wraps(only option of food, had 4$ and no food at home) which added up to 930 calories, 72 grams of carbs(just the kfc snackers). good day or no?
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  2. id say bad day! call it a cheat/slack day and move on

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