low on cash, low on food

  1. low on cash, low on food

    i got 100% whole wheat bread, creamy pb and a banana. thinking of making that into a wonderful sandwich. terrible in terms of "being healthy" no?

    also, when there is nothing to eat at home i sometimes go after the "bad" which is here like doritos, only a handful tho. what are some good cheap alternatives to snacks because protein shakes dont always cut it

  2. Unfortunately the pb filled with sugar is cheap and the natural pb is usually expensive but that doesn't sound AWFUL by any means. that just sounds like a good snack to me to be honest... but not a meal at all. my buddy has a membership to costco and i just asked him to pick me up a big thing of almonds. I got two huge bags and i think they were like ten bucks. By no means would i call doritos or chips healthy... aren't they like 3-4 bucks for a bag that's not very full and not filling either? Go for some healthy fats and grab some nuts haha. but seriously. I'm also not really sure of your goals though... the almonds will help gain or sustain weight but too much of anything can make you gain fat. it's important to try and keep a balance of proper proteins, fats, and carbs. I can understand how difficult that is with a lack of money but it's possible nonetheless. good luck.

  3. eat more real meals. I eat every 2 hours or so. either beef and pasta, or chicken and rice. sometimes tilapia but i don't like the whole mercury thing so i try and keep that for days where i'm really inactive and want no carbs. I'm never hungry for snacks. ground beef is cheap, so is pasta.

  4. ^^^^ agreed completely. Beef and pasta are great when you're low on money.

  5. tunas, pastas packs, fruits, mince, chicken, rice, milk ect are all very cheap and will do the trick, Just make sure you buy depending on you body goals...

  6. I haven't spent money on beef the entire month. There was a huge ass sale on 97% lean ground beef at the one store by me. My freezer is now packed with it in little frozen bags, lol.


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