Healthy soup

  1. Healthy soup

    Healthy soup

    Ok Guys, this is for those days you dont feel to good or if you have a cold or anything,.

    Cut sweet potato, butter nut, carrot, parsnip into small pieces.

    In a pan put in some olive oil and heat, add the veg and lightly fry.
    Add some chopped onion.

    once the veg is starting to fry off add chicken stock and bring to a gentle boil until veg is soft.

    In a blender blend up the mix into a nice thick soup.
    Add cream and salt and pepper to the mix and blend some more.

    Add back to the pan and heat again

    serve as is.

    Beautiful thick soup full of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants

  2. wheres the protein!!??? lol

  3. no protein in soup man. you could have your meat as your main dish

  4. Quote Originally Posted by castro10 View Post
    This soups sounds good and healthy
    Oh ya. and in winter it is so good.
    But it is pumpkin time in the state (if that is where you are) so you can add some pumpkin in there to.

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