3500 Calorie meal plan

  1. 3500 Calorie meal plan

    Im setting up a 3500 calorie meal plan, Id like to be around 350g protien. I actually found one that looks interesting onilne, Ill post it below. A few questions though, I'm seeing certain foods that are popular in alot of these plans.

    Nuts, seeds, cottage cheese, fish(mainly salmon and tuna), chicken, wheat bread, oatmeal/oats, eggs, fruits, veges(steamed is the popular) all seem to be a pretty common item. What does not seem to be very common is beef and pasta.

    How do you go about selecting oats, and bran? Also, as far as tuna goes, I hear your only supposed to have a can a week or so due to mercury, but I dont see anything wrong with a can a day? Fish.. does it matter? Can I substitute salmon for something else. PASTA, love it, can I use whole wheat pasta? Beef, whats wrong too fatty?

    If you took the time to read this whole thing, thanks, please feel free to leave feedback.

    Here is the sample diet:

    I thought Chicken only had about 23g protein in 6 oz?

    Sample Diet Plan For Body Builders
    Target Calorie Value 3,500

    6 meal a day Plan Summary
    Total Calories Proteins Carbs Fats
    3497 325 404.4 53.4

    Meal 1 Quantity Calories Proteins Carbs Fats
    Egg whites 5 85 17.5 0.3 0
    Oat Meal (Cup) 2 c. 300 12 50 4.8
    Skim Milk (Glass) 1 86 8.4 11.9 0.4
    Apple 1 81 0.3 21.1 0.5
    Total 552 38.2 83.3 5.7

    Meal 2 Quantity Calories Proteins Carbs Fats
    Chicken Breast 6 oz. 284 53.4 0 6.2
    Cottage Cheese 1/2 c 100 1 4 3.2 1.2
    Garden Salad 1c 33 2.6 6.7 0.1
    Total 417 70 9.9 7.5

    Meal 3 Quantity Calories Proteins Carbs Fats
    Tuna 6 oz 312 50.8 0 10
    Apple 2 162 0.6 42.2 1
    Oat Meal (Cup) 2 c. 300 12 50 4.8
    Total 774 63.4 92.2 15.8

    Meal 4 Quantity Calories Proteins Carbs Fats
    Whey Supplement 50 grams 220 50 6 0
    Banana 2 210 2.4 53.4 1.2
    Total 430 52.4 59.4 1.2

    Meal 5 Quantity Calories Proteins Carbs Fats
    Salmon 6 oz. 314 46.6 0 10
    Oat Meal (Cup) 2 c. 300 12 50 4.8
    Total 614 58.6 50 14.8

    Meal 6 Quantity Calories Proteins Carbs Fats
    Cottage Cheese 1 c 200 28 6.2 2.4
    Banana 2 210 2.4 53.4 1.2
    Oat Meal (Cup) 2 c. 300 12 50 4.8
    Total 710 42.4 109.6 8.4

  2. What's your goal with this diet? Is this a bulk/cut/or maintain?

    The reason those items are common is they're all good for you and work the best. They are also generalizations. You can swap brown rice for oats in some meals for example. I can't imagine eating salmon and oatmeal together for instance. Red meat is o.k. a couple of times per week in fact I would recommend it. It's high in "Saturated" fat and that's why some don't include it. Salmon and tuna could be interchanged daily. Keep in mind you need to be flexible if you're to stick to it.

    I would add one whole egg to that morning meal too. It's a pretty good base plan and it's mostly whole food so that's great. The other thing to consider is the placement of carbs. I never eat carbs after dinner. That last meal wouldn't work for me. I would add to much fat eating carbs late like that. I try to keep my carbs early in the day and postworkout.

    One thing I don't see in that diet anywhere outside of one salad is vegetables. I would add in a cup of broccoli here and there. Those carbs and cals are so low they're not going to affect much but the overall health benefits will.

  3. The goal is for a semi lean bulk, I'm 6'1 185, I've leaned out a bit but not a whole lot, over the last month I went from 197 -> 185.

    Yea, some advice I got from a guy I know says about the same thing. I am going to adjust this plan to add more greens, I like spinach so it will probably be frozen spinach that I add in, broccoli sometimes. Also brown rice will be added for some of the oatmeal.

    In regards to carbs, he says I need more complex in there, so I've been thinking of whole wheat pasta, and also changing some apples to sweet potatoes, and I figure that spinach will help also... rotating in brussel sprouts, broccoli, steamed squash/zuccini.

    I should have the plan situated in the next couple days.

  4. Take a look at this list for fish species to stay away from, as far as concentrations of mercury go:


  5. does is change the nutritional values of eggs/whites whether they are fried or boiled? in the morning can i scramble that or should they be boiled.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Pipes View Post
    does is change the nutritional values of eggs/whites whether they are fried or boiled? in the morning can i scramble that or should they be boiled.
    Sure but it depends on what you "fry" them in. Consider this a good place to use some olive oil in your diet. If you're scrambling them get some nonstick spray. Keeps it at a minimum.

  7. Ive revised this, almost made a new one lol. It has lower carbs and protein, and higher fat.. so I think I still need adjustment. Calories are right on though. Please, if you have a suggestion I'm definately looking for advice.


    Meal 1 8:30am
    5 egg whites and 1 whole egg scrambled
    1 cup oatmeal
    1 apple

    Meal 2 11am
    50g Protein shake(1.5 scoops)
    1 banana
    1 slice whole grain bread

    Meal 3 1pm
    6oz chicken baked
    10oz spinach
    1c oatmeal
    1 banana

    Meal 4 3:30pm
    6oz tuna baked
    1c cottage cheese
    1c brown rice

    Meal 5 6pm
    6oz cube steak
    2 spears broccoli
    1c oatmeal
    1 sweet potato

    Meal 6 post w/o about 7.30/8pm
    Protein shake(Casein)
    1c cottage cheese

    Workout is 6.30 pm

    Here's the deal. I usually go to bed around 1am and wake about 8 am. Its hard for me to go from 8pm-1am without eating. Just deal with it and drink water?

  8. Well the usual healthy long term macro split is 40/40/20. If your goal is 3500 calories that'd be 350g each of protein and carbs, and 78g of fat.

    Personally, if you work out at 6:30 but go to bed at 1am, I would space out the meals earlier in the day (take one out) and have a largish meal one hour after the workout. Also it's ok to have a protein/fat snack in the hours before bed. Try nuts, peanut butter, olive oil, etc.

    I've really found using food logs (I use fitday) make it a lot easier. You can change your meals every day so you don't get bored, and as long as your macros and total calories are the same day to day it's all good. In fact it's probably healthier to change it up every day.

  9. Check out the link in my signature.

  10. This is bull****, I feel bloated, and getting fatter in the midsection. WTF MATE bulking is pissing me off already.

  11. Bulking makes you fat...

    Eat 300-500 calories above maintenance and adjust up or down after 2 to 3 weeks...repeat.

  12. Nice read. I really think that grinding up this oatmeal and putting it in a shake is a freakin grand idea. Really good thanks for the post!


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