Stomach Acid/HCL Betaine

  1. Stomach Acid/HCL Betaine

    I've been having weird inflammation-related symptoms throughout my body for about a year (stomach distention, skin rashes/infections on my face, slow exercise recovery) and after eliminating gluten and dairy from my diet for about 10 weeks I have only seen a slight improvement. The only way I can prevent the rashes on my face is by applying manuka honey on my face and leaving it on all night (very sticky btw). I starting to think that the symptoms could be caused by a lack of hydrochloric acid in my stomach, and I just purchased a product off of charles poliquin's site called digestforce 2.0 which contains HCL betaine along with a few enzymes. Does anyone have any other possible solutions/ think that this supplement is a good idea? I've tried taking probiotics, I drink a few tablespoons of ACV spread out throughout day, lots of high quality fish oil, and I cook with coconut oil and also apply it to my skin every single day....just getting very frustrated.

  2. I would go see a doctor.

    Best not to try and diagnose/self medicate using the internet and forums!

    Go get professional opinion

  3. Yeah, you are probably right. I'm thinking that I should try a GI doctor since I've seen pretty much everyone else already.

  4. You should probably get a stomach biopsy. Lack of acid is not a common problem. Especially in today's diets. I tried betaine once and all it did was give me BAD heartburn. I would try some fiber, Metamucil unflavored husk. Also stick with a good probiotic like this one.

    Wish the best for you bro.
    ôLord, whom shall we go away to? You have sayings of everlasting life"- John 6:68

  5. I've actually been using the HCl betaine for a week now, and it seems like I do have an acid problem since 1400mg of it does not give me any sort of burning sensation or discomfort. I feel like my stomach is starting to calm down a little so I'm gonna stay the course for now, and probably add a probiotic soon.

  6. Hope it works out for you. I would seek medical help though so you can properly diagnose your problem. I also understand the state of our abysmal health care system and perhaps it's not an option for you.


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