hyperbaric chambers

  1. hyperbaric chambers

    going to start hyperbaric chamber treatments in the next week or so for a pretty bad fractured ankle to speed healing. anyone ever used this? it's oxygen in a pressurized, enclosed chamber for about 2 hours per treatment.. any thoughts?

  2. Its voodoo to me but it works for some people. Make sure to increase your calories, vitamin A, B's, C, D, calcium, copper, iron, magnesisum, manganese, and zinc to help speed healing. All have some purported effects. Also, oral vitamin e can actually slow healing so avoid that.

  3. It is standard op. to decompress and compress people and have them suck down O2. it is known to help the body cure faster. It's not uncommon to use compression/oxygen treatment to help cure of flesh eating diseases, DCS and many other diseases and poisoning. at surface your blood will absorb 100% o2 instead of the regular 29%.I believe at a depth of 33 ft your body will be delivered the equivalent of 200% 02 because your body will be absorbing compressed oxygen(it's been a while since I learned this stuff).of It does help speed recovery if you were training to an extreme, some people have special Compression chambers for there race horses. That's what I remember anyways I haven't gone over any of this stuff for quite a while and I only remember the technical stuff I don't really know the effects of O2 on the body other than that if you stay on 02 to long or go down way deep (170ft) on O2 you will probably have violent siezures and convulsions. but that won't happen because you will be in the hands of health care professionals.

  4. Hyperbaric chambers have shown excellent effectiveness for many years. I'm always surprised they don't receive more attention than they get.

    Just make sure it's an actual hyperbaric chamber as opposed to an "oxygen tent" which can't pressurize to nearly the same level. They are widely promoted because they are cheap to own and operate compared to a real chamber, but the effectiveness is highly questionable.

    Sorry about the ankle bro!

  5. I tried it a few years ago to get ready for a big race, but I only did 1 session and I couldn't really tell if it did anything.

  6. thanks for the replies and info fellas. i saw the chamber, it's a 12 person container, like a big metal storage bin. and yep, it's pressurized to exactly 33 ft. below sea level, at which point you don a plastic bubble with a rubber gasket over your head inside the chamber that pumps in oxygen, while another hose acts as an exhaust. it's a 2 hr. treatment, 5x week, for 40 sessions! pretty intensive. will def. do it if my work. comp. insurance approves it.

  7. I seen an episode of something, I forget what show.. but a cyclist actually made one of these chambers for him to sleep in for training season. The benefits are supposed to be great.

  8. Sounds great bro, I hope it works out where you can do it.

    HB chambers are well known to accelerate tissue repair. Excellent for heavy burn victims as well.

    As an aside, I've never read any specific articles on HBC treatments and muscle hypertrophy, but one would think there could easily be some benefits there.


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