HELP- Gyno starting -no PH's - Need GOOD Advice PLS

  1. HELP- Gyno starting -no PH's - Need GOOD Advice PLS

    Hi all, this is definitely not the topic I wanted my first post to be about, but unfortunately the problem pretty much blindsided me and I would really appreciate some sound advice.

    The current situation:

    For the past week I have felt on and off tingling with my nips. It caught my attention, but I played it off as something in my mind. Lastnight I was awoken by sharp stinging sensations beneath both my nips, especially the right one. After feeling around, I noticed a pea sized object directly below my right nip that is sore to the touch. The stinging sensation has mostly abated for the left nip, but comes and goes throughout the day on my right one.

    Before any of these problems surfaced I did a SALIVA hormone test just to check where everything was since starting back lifting this year after several years off. Here are the results...

    MY LEVELS - and NORMAL RANGES (according to the chart supplied by the lab)

    Testosterone: 121.6 pg/mL (adult male 36.5-136.2)

    Estradiol: 1.2 pg/mL (male 1.0-4.8)

    Cortisol: 8.0 ng/mL (7.0-10)

    Progesterone: 72.3 pg/mL (Male 12.7-65.1)

    DHEA: 453.5 pg/mL (41.0-578.0)

    I'm sure you'll notice my progesterone is above normal and my estradiol is nearly below normal. I'm thinking that my prolactin may be high as well, but that was not part of the test.

    From what I've read before, you need both elevated estrogen AND progestin to trigger "progesterone gyno", but my case seems to be an exception, unless something has drastically raised my E since the test was taken 3 weeks before.

    My question is, what should I take in my situation?

    I'm trying to schedule a blood test next week so I can see more detail.

    Perhaps it would be helpful if I give a brief overview about myself.
    I'm 32 years old now. I was 6'2" very physically mature and had lots of chest hair at the age of 13. I also started some weight lifting that year. At 15 I was full height and basically fully developed (people thought I was college age). In my late teens and early 20s I became very serious about weightlifting, but after several life crises in my mid 20s lifting mostly fell by the wayside until this year when I picked it back up with full determination.

    I've never done any AAS/PHs before. I actually had gyno (or lactation rather) twice before. Once around 15 and again in my early 20s. Both times it was a painful, nickel sized hard spot under my right nip, and when I squeezed it a fair amount of clearish liquid came out. I didn't know what it was at those times and was quite embarassed about it, so I didn't mention it to anybody. Fortunately, it went away on it's own after several weeks and the pain subsided.

    Thanks for taking time to read my post! Once again, any sound advice is truly appreciated!

  2. Try some DIM

  3. I actually ordered some DIM, but I'm holding off on taking anything until my blood results next week.

    The pains subsided not long after my original post, but the pea sized knot is still in my right nip.

  4. I know Bromocriptine and Cabergoline are used to combat high prolactin levels. Not sure about progesterone though.

    Maybe get some medical advice. You got the lab results to show that something is wrong.

  5. Vitex and B6 are better bets for mild prolactin control. Careful with B6, I'd dose 1 cap before bed, but never anymore.

    L-dopa is a good way to lower prolactin, as well. The jury is a bit out on Vitex.

    Definitely get some NOW B6 immediately. Grab a magnesium source and stack the 2 before bed, with some L-dopa (I think NOW make a cheap product called mucuna dopa) and a carbless meal, maybe some vinegar and AAKG and you've got a nice little pro-GH anabolic anti-prolactin stack going for extremely cheap. Note that I don't recommend anything exotic. The B6 and L-dopa are the barebones there.

    Caber would knock it down of course, but the heart side effects are worrisome.
    Paging Dr. Banner. . .

  6. Thanks for the advice guys!

    I've purchased a lot of things, including prami and letro. I've set everything aside until the blood results. The darn lab has been so busy they keep moving me off. I've been over there 5 times.

    I also got some CEL formestane gel. I may start on the B6 and try local application on my nip with the formestane if I don't see my blood results this week.

    I plan on starting a powerfull / anabolic pump / e-bol stack next week. Powerfull has strong l-dopa properties so maybe that will help.

  7. send a pm to needto, he can help you.

  8. I would try forma stanzol and if that doesnt work, then cabergoline

  9. I would try nothing because I'm not convinced you have gyno. A pea size lump just sounds like normal tissue. Anyone will lactate clear liquid if you squeeze/suck hard enough. Leave your tits alone and I bet the pain goes away too.

  10. Any male would lactate??

  11. Dude you got your self a future career as a milk man! Hell yea bro you will be banking off that Im talking about like 100% profit or you could save all the starving babies in the world that would be legit to!

  12. Go to the Doctor. This is your body you are talking about. Go to the doctor.


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