Too much Sodium??

  1. Too much Sodium??

    I think im eating too much sodium. Im in a cut and i eat boxed turkey and chicken all day long, which both have high levels of sodium. So my question is.... How do I cut out excess sodium but still eat the right amount of protein?!!!

  2. Eat freshly prepared meats instead of prepackaged, cured meats.

  3. like go to the deli and have them slice the turkey? and buy chicken and steaks from the meat isle?? do those not contain high amounts of sodium as well??

  4. I'm saying cook your own raw meat. That way you can control the sodium that goes into it. Any deli meat will be high in sodium unless its reduced sodium. Just drink more water if you'r that worried about it.

  5. Eat potassium rich foods like bananas (if allowed on your cut) and spinach. Balance the electrolytes. Increase your water intake. like WBB said above, buy your own RAW meat, and spice it yourself. When buying spices, make sure to check for SALT on the ingredient list (for example in cajun spices, steak seasoning, etc.)

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  6. thanks guys,

    and im assuming raw meat is just steak and chicken from the meat isle at the grocery store??

  7. Quote Originally Posted by BigDro View Post
    thanks guys,

    and im assuming raw meat is just steak and chicken from the meat isle at the grocery store??
    Yes. Look into Mrs. Dash seasoning. Most of it is salt free and very tasty.

  8. Sorry to make this more difficult but you have to watch all processed foods. Breads, tortillas, canned soups, etc. All high in salt these days.

  9. best to avoid processed foods all together! especially if yiour on a cut!
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  10. Buy organic whenever possible

  11. Go to a butcher shop or a butcher section in a supermarket. Usually lower prices.

  12. Water is key to flushing out excess sodium. Make sure your intake is optimal and moderated throughout the day.

  13. High water intake... and if you must buy that meat boil it...


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