PaleoDiet: Tweaking it for BBers

  1. PaleoDiet: Tweaking it for BBers

    Been living the paleo dream - leaner, more energy, clear headed . . much more 'life-style friendly than say UD-II or Keto.

    . . . anyone have some tips for optimising this for muscle growth?

    I'm thinking more red meat and adding in sweet potato.

    Answer me goddamit!

  2. Just curious what your daily intake looks like, what you were eating before this diet, and how it's affected you.

  3. You want to have a lot of animal fats, and meat.

    Muscle growth happens.

  4. You just answered your own question: potatoes.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  5. Daily sweet potatoes, increase your fat intake via nuts or olive oil, eat more meat.



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