question about liver

  1. question about liver

    alright got a budy with hepititis A.
    Ast is 45 and alt is 100 right now
    3 weeks ago before he started training(he does muy thai) it was 29/36

    dont know much about this stuff and i figured you guys would come up with a way for him to maintain a healthier liver and to keep his levels down

    if i didnt post enough information(which i prob didnt) let me know and i will get you what else is needed!


  2. You didn't ask a question

  3. *what can he do to keep his levels down*......hes been to a doctor and his levels went down but shoot right back up 3 weeks into training

  4. this is a case where buffered milk thistle or liv.52 is a good idea - this is more up their alley than cholestasis induced by oral AAS, even.

    Paging Dr. Banner. . .

  5. Basically any cycle support supplements should be good for him. Those levels aren't that high so I wouldn't sound the alarm just yet. Ease into the exercise and back off if any outward symptoms manifest themselves. Most people have a higher level of liver enzymes after a night of binge drinking.


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