Lower back pain

  1. Lower back pain

    Iv been lifting for awhile now never had any injurys or problems about a month ago i deadlifted was actually going pretty light 315 or so and back just felt destroyed. iv waited till i felt like i was healed no problems anymore deadlifted 225 for warm up just the same feeling cant even bend over feels like huge amount of pressure on middle of my bones all the way to my tail bone.. any ideas or anything... have a powerlifting meet coming up in december

  2. simple bro get an mri otherwise your just guessing

  3. will do brother thanks

  4. how long has the pain been there
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  5. Not really a nutrition thing, but I've dealth with a lot of back issues.

    I bulged a disc squatting. Not even heavy. Form slipped for a split second. Pow, shooting pain, life has never been the same.

    I dealt with it and stayed out of the gym for almost a year. Chiropractor did nothing. Physical therapy... THAT did it. Stretch, stretch, stretch. Loosen the lower back, hamstrings, and hips with some simple stretches and implement some daily ab exercises. Strength will return slowly, but it will return.

  6. Sounds like your form isn't great. Start with a neutral neck instead of trying to look forward. Hyperextended neck at the start can lead to lumbar hyperextension in the end.


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