Healty Burger?

  1. Healthy Burger?

    any ideas?


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    Depends on your definition of "healthy." I rock 93/7 for some nice burgers and often do them without a bun and with a slice of fat free cheese. You could opt for wrapping it in lettuce if you're trying to watch carbs, or just go with some Ezekiel bread or at the very least whole grain bread.

    There are also some turkey burgers that aren't too bad. Just make sure you read the nutritional info because some have just as much fat as beef.

    Garnish with pickles, onions, tomatoes and/or mustard - great way to add taste and not calories. If you want ketchup, they have reduced sugar ketchup and just use a small amount; don't pour it on.
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  3. I do it a couple of ways, depends on how you want to prepare it. I always make a few days supply at a time because I don't like to cook all that often.

    If you have access to a grill outside the leaner the better. I will buy the 97/3 from Walmart and cook that on the grill and it is great.

    If cooking inside and pan frying I usually go with ground sirloin (90/10) simply because anything leaner that that is just a pain in the ass to cook (with my limited skills).

    I like to stuff my burgers with jalapeņos as well, they don't add much except for sodium and make them taste great. I stack it with more jalapeņo, some skim milk cheese, lettuce, and Claussen pickles, and ketsup on a whole grain/multi grain sandwich thin. Overall a pretty healthy and mighty tasty burger.

    The turkey burger option exists but it is kinda dry imo, and gets even more dry with each day it sets.

  4. i only eat turkey burgers now very rarely do i eat red meat now so i grill a turkey burger eat it with wheat bread lettuce tomato mustard wit a bunch of veggies green beans or salad best thing going man i love it i use 0% fat made by jennie o

  5. What about Morningstar veggie patties or burger?

  6. What's unhealthy about a 93% burger? I eat them all the time with an egg to hold it together and it fits well into my macros.
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  7. Morningstar veggie burgers are probably the best option. Anything that has a list of ingredients longer than your arm with more unpronounceable words than an upper level biochemistry book is healthy in my book.

  8. Yea Morningstar makes awsome burgers! The black bean burgers are also very delicious. I usually make tuna burgers with a can of tuna fish, 1 egg, a little bit of oatmeal or Matzo Meal to hold it together, finely diced onion and a dash of garlic powder. Broil them bad boys for a few minutes or on the burner and im in heaven!!! I suggest for anyone that likes tuna fish! You can also make it into a tuna melt but i dont roll like that with the cheese.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Beast20 View Post
    What about Morningstar veggie patties or burger?
    maybe ill try veggies patties..thanks for the reply

  10. Quote Originally Posted by TipTopShape View Post
    maybe ill try veggies patties..thanks for the reply
    I guessed everyone missed the sarcasm in wearedbleedblue's post. That stuff is so highly process and has so many chemical and additives that there's no way that it is healthy.

    Seriously, get some 93% lean beef and make burgers out of those.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    Seriously, get some 93% lean beef and make burgers out of those.
    Sometimes the simplest answer is the best one. Rodja is on the money here.
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  12. I don't think if they WERE healthy that I could even try to stomach those b*tches! If I want veggies, I'll eat a salad. I've always been a meat n potatoes guy.

  13. thanks for the info! apreciated

  14. My post was sarcastic. Morningstar burgers are probably the LEAST healthy burger. If you want a veggie option, you could mix up beans/lentils and other vegetables and make a veggie burger but the crap they try to pass off as a veggie burger isn't anything close to vegetables.

    I 100% agree, 93% lean ground beef makes a fine burger. In fact, I will be eating one tonight for dinner.


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