How much sugar to spike insulin?

  1. How much sugar to spike insulin?

    I generally try to avoid all simple sugars and get all carbs from brown rice, oats, etc., but sometimes just really have a craving. If I eat one or two chocolate chips, will that affect insulin very much? Will 1/2 banana affect insulin?

  2. Insulin is the hormone we have the most control over. One banana will effect it but not to a large degree when compared to other foods.

    The GI scale uses 50g of carbs from that source to gather data. Although a banana can be considered a higher GI fruit the overall portion would be lower than a typical portion of starches like rice, pasta, potatoes etc.

    In my opinion a banana is not a big deal. If you are neurotic about it then eat it with a source of protein, fat or fibre and lower the insulin response from that meal.

  3. Anything high on the GI scale will cause a rise in isulin but it also depends on how much you eat for how big the insulin spike will be half a banana i wouldnt be worried about at all.

  4. You must also consider your cellular tolerance to insulin. Some, especially those with lifestyles conducive to type II diabetes require more insulin for nutrient uptake than do others.

  5. Why are you afraid of insulin? There are many things that cause insulin release, including protein consumption high in insulinogenic amino acids, smelling food, and even looking at food. Insulin is not an enemy but it also shouldn't be spiked as high as possible. Fiber, protein and fat all help to modulate the amount of insulin released and spread it out over a longer period of time.



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