I've been cutting for a good 7 weeks now and im starting to see less result and im becoming unmotivated and losing sight of getting my six pack. I've started at 220 and im sitting at 198 now, but ive still got a lot of fat around my midsection. here is my diet and please tell me if i should change it

    Meal 1- 6 egg whites, cup of granola with yogurt (9:30 AM)
    Meal 2- half pound of turkey (11:30 AM)
    Meal 3- protein bar (20g protein, 17 gram of carbs) (1:30 AM)
    Meal 4- Bag of precooked chicken (like a can but in a bag, 40 g protein) (3:30)
    Meal 5-post workout shake
    Meal 6- half pound of turkey (hour after shake)
    Meal 7- another bag of chicken

    Supplements- Androhard (5mL in morning, 3mL at night)
    Fish oil- large caps(1 pill three times a day)
    Zinc- (1 pill 3 three times per day, 50mg per tab)
    Magnesium (1 pill three times per day)
    Oxyelite pro- 2 pills per day
    Olive oil- take a couple spoonfuls straight 3 times a day for healthy fats.
    Multivitamin- twice a day

    any suggestions or ideas would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!

  2. too hard to say. are you still losing? your weight is down and your maintenance has dropped, so you may now be at/over maintenance if you're not losing. log at and get your exact caloric intake and change your diet until you lose. may be time for some carb cycling as well. also, are you exercising? what?
    as far as specifics, that chicken in a bag sounds awful, is it processed and full of chemicals? warehouse stores sell precut real breasts for nothing. also cut the olive oil, i bet you get over 100cals a day off that and you're already on fish oil which you can up to 6/d.

  3. Exercise- intense bodybuilding 5 days a week, 3-4 sessions of cardio for 20 min. really cut the olive oil?? i heard high healthy fat diets= high testosterone. and im a college student so i cant grille chicken breasts...

  4. this?

    any dietary fat can be converted to T, so you could opt for olive oil, egg yolks, peanut butter, avocados and nuts and seeds...depending on your caloric fats add up the calories quickly. what you take in depends on if you have the room within your caloric goal.

    you could keep your OO intake if you put a Tbsp on some steamed broccoli....very low cals.

  5. were are the veggies first of id deffinately add some of that in but if you hit a speed bump algter your diet it has been 7 weeks so your body is starting to get used to this diet and your training so maybe switch both up and you should see some good results. I generally change both every 6-8 weeks to keep my body alert.

  6. i hate veggies lol

  7. Quote Originally Posted by BigDro View Post
    i hate veggies lol
    i do too

    deal with it

  8. oh also, dont take OEP for more than 30 days, by then your resistance will have been entirely built up on that

    find out the sodium intake on that chicken bag cause that sounds bad

    maybe cut the yogurt out imo, whats the amount of time between your last meal and first meal the next day, try and make that 12 hours atleast, thats what helped me


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