am i killing my chances of devolopment?

  1. am i killing my chances of devolopment?

    alright, this is a full fledged honest day's worth of food for me, im a 19 year old college student, so i like food that taste good and is quick and easy...with that said im not going to mcdonalds or eating fried chicken everyday either.
    Im working out to loose bodyfat, build a little muscle, and just look better overall
    is any thing im about to list killing my chances as such? or anything i should add in?

    meal one: bagel w/ cream cheese and a bannana ( manhatten bagels on my way to class in the morning and there only 2.75 )

    meal 2: yogurt ( the kind where you add in crumbled up oreo, or crunch )

    meal 3: one of those already made penut butter and jelly sandwhiches ( smuckers i think? ) and a protein shake w/ glutamine added (sp)

    then a hour later i consume my pre-work out and bcca's

    meal 4: post work out shake w/ glutamine added

    meal 5: what ever my mom makes for dinner (chicken, ravioli's, steak, ect...common food made at a household )

    meal 6: if i have time to eat or theres something good, i'll grab it, but most nights i don't eat a 6th meal

    the protein shake brand is: pro7ien
    the glutamin added in stuff is: glutacor
    the pre is: fusion
    the bcca is: bcca
    all from vita-sport

  2. Your first 3 meals are seriously lacking in protein and fats. Hell, just calories in general.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. I wouldn't say you are killing your chances with that diet.

    The important aspect is your planning and overall intake of protein/carbs/healthy fats.

    What would a normal day yeild for you? Are you above or below maintenace (or at it)? To put on size you need to follow some pretty simple guidelines.
    Get at least 1 gram of protein per LB of body weight. Make sure you fats are mostly unsaturated healthy fats without hydrogenated oils in them. Make sure you carbs are coming from fiber rich foods like fruits and veggies becasue they are nutrient dense and filling. Make sure you are eating ABOVE maintenance and you will put on size.

    I keep my grains down as much as I can. I wouldn't say I eat 100% Paleo, but after some advice on here, I definetly look harder at some types of food.

    Once you get really serious about lifting (not to discount your efforts, man), cook your own dinner and you can control every part of your diet.

    Remember, most of us have jobs and a million other things to do that would dwarf the responsibilities of a college student. I'm not ragging on you, I said that to say the following. Good planning is key. If you are going to get a bagel with cream cheeses daily becasue it's fast, make your breakfast the night before, eat some eggs, turkey bacon or whole wheat or something. Same with dinner, cook it yourself and eat big and CLEAN.
    You will see your size come....

  4. I think you are hurting your chances in making any significant improvements. Your not really EATING any protein except maybe dinner. I learned a long time ago to use food as fuel and not for taste. I am not saying you have to make the same change. Just your diet really will halt your progress you will make some improvements. They will just be slow and small.

  5. Ok, you're eating frequently which is good. Lets make a few improvements based on what you tend to eat now.

    meal 1: Whole grain bagel, egg white, ham + low-fat cheese sandwhich

    meal 2: plain greek yogurt with lo-fat granola

    meal 3: turkey or lean roast beef sandwhich, handful of almonds

    meal 4: protein shake and banana (drop the glutamine, its a waste of money)

    meal 5: lean protein + veggies and whole grain - maybe its time mom and the rest of the fam eat healthy too?

    meal 6: low-fat cottage cheese, scoup of peanut butter or other nut butter

    Get going on this for a while, then we can continue to tweak it to produce better results.


  6. Yes, you should probably just quit now and take up knitting or figure skating.

  7. If you can make steady improvments in some areas rather then completely changing ur diet that could work out well. Like make the switch from white bread to whole grain add in veggies to a couple meals. If you can prepare your own foods that would be great most of the already made foods are high in sodium or sugars. Foods like whole grain pasta, brown rice, chicken should be staples make big batches over the weekend and just reheat over the course of the week.


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