hey guys ive been training for about 3 years now and have bulked up to 220, so ive decided to start a diet. what i started yesterday was a carb cycling diet consisting of 3 low 2 medium days and 2 high days. the layout is this:
my high days consist of 340-360 grams of carbs medium being 260-280 and low being 190-210. My protein is a consistat 330-350 all week and my fat is a consistant 30-40 all week as well. Im only eating my carb meal for my first 3 meals of the day being wake/ pre-workout, post workout and the meal after postworkout. the later meals consisting of fibrous vegetables instead of starches. giving a detailed answer for whats probably going to be a simple answer, my only source right now is quaker quick oats. yesterday ive eaten it for all 3 carb meals. ive always eaten them preworkout but never to the amount that i have in the past 2 days needless to say im ahvin some serious bowel movement, i think due to the soluble fiber content of theoats. so my question is do any of you guys use a carb cycling diet with some decent carb amount days and what kind of carbs do you recommend aside from oats and other recommended low gi carbs such as sweet potatos solely for the reason i hate the taste. thanks guys any help is greatly appreciated