Pasta is it bad for you?

  1. Pasta is it bad for you?

    Right to the point ive heard many different views on pasta more specifically whole grain/wheat pasta. Whole grain pasta classifies as a low GI food, correct? So it doesnt cause as big a rise in blood glucose levels as say normal pasta but does that make it good for you? I eat pasta quite a bit whole grain with no added salt or butter sometimes i'll put a little sauce on it but never much i know its not really a nutrient dense food it has a good deal of fiber and complex carbs but if i have a meal with pasta a couple times a week will it be detrimental to my health or is the whole low carb high carb debate not really accurate.

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    If you're going whole grain, you're not doing too badly. I still consider it more of a treat for myself and try to get most of my carbs from oatmeal, sweet potatoes, brown rice and Ezekiel bread. Really, though, I just hop around from these and try not to use one too much exclusively. As long as you're getting your carb goals, you should be fine. I also opt to split meals up, take most in the morning and surrounding my workout (frontloaded in the day as much as I can) and when I go with anything over 40g or so, I like a nutrient partitioner preceding it (Anabolic Pump, P-Slin, SlinShot, etc.).
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  3. Theres no reason it would be detrimental to your health. Less than optimal maybe, but not detrimental. There are probably a number of other things in your diet that are similar

  4. Pasta is calorie dense so it is easy to overeat with it. If you are tracking your portion sizes then there is little problem with it in your diet.

    Pasta is more of a moderate GI food.

  5. You'll die if you eat pasta, you'll die if you don't.

  6. Whole wheat pasta is fine at the right time/quantity. Ever tried spaghetti squash? Partner it up with turkey meatballs and some decent sauce and you've got a delicious, nutritious meal.

  7. alright i was just making sure a buddy of mine was trying to convince me to drop pasta enitrely i usually have it as part of my later meals always paired with a lean meat but i also use brown rice a couple times a week aswell instead of pasta my diets pretty locked in other then that


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