Greek Yogurt

  1. Greek Yogurt

    Anybody eat this? I was stocking it at work and noticed it had 19g's protein and 190 cals per serving as opposed to the 5 g's protein and 100-150 cals in regular yogurt. I picked up a 4 serving tub of Chobani Strawberry and I must say it's quite delish. I've been snacking on it in between meals for the past 3 days now and it's about time to pick up another tub. Just wondering if anybody has tried it and if there's any downside to adding a serving of yogurt (greek of otherwise) a day into a bulk diet. Thanks.

  2. It's good stuff. I've been eating them for a while. The flavors are good, but they add 20g of sugar. Get the plain. If you can't stand the flavor, then add a packet of splenda, it then tastes just like vanilla.

  3. i love greek yogurt, love manback said, plain is a better choice, i get plain and add in some powder bcaa for flavoring
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  4. I use it during my contest diets. I tend to get the plain and mix a scoop of chocolate protein powder in it.

  5. Greek yogurt + Banana Myofusion + crushed up almonds = delicious. I have been eating this before bed for months.

  6. All it is is milk protein concentrate mixed with yogurt. Which is fine, milk can become boring. That's why I personally use cottage cheese at times, just another variation of milk. (Watch the sodium with cottage cheese) Whether the added protein to Greek yogurt is from milk or powder, I don't know.

  7. It's pretty good stuff, I eat it (mostly Fayeh brand) with honey and walnuts, just to change up the milk sources as someone mentioned.

    As a probiotic source, Kefir is better though.

  8. Right on thanks a lot guys, guess I missed the memo on this stuff. I'll get the plain and try to see what I can do about flavoring. Thanks again.

  9. every day bro. ***e okios are the 2 best


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