Post Workout Questions

  1. Post Workout Questions

    So im a Uni Student, Im currently following Bill Starrs 5x5 Program,5'9, 150lbs and Ive recently changed my diet to very Low Carb, High Protein and High Fat (Tried Carb cycling for a while and i just dont handle breads/pasta too well) anyways my Schedule Looks like this

    5:30am Wake

    Next class isnt until 10

    Ive been keeping my carbs under 50g a day and i feel that if i dont take any in before lifting the performance will dwindle, Should i have some oats and a little whey right before then a shake afterwards, or would it be better to go to the UNI D hall and get an omelet PWO, Basically im wondering the best way to time my pre and post workout nutrition, My post workout shake if i dont go to the Dining hall is 1/2cup of oats and 1 scoop of whey, is it ok to do this and then go to the dining hall later, whats the best strategy? thanks

  2. id say get some carbs pre workout cuz ur gonna need the energy for good workouts, then after do ur shake with carbs and protein, then bout an hour later go to the dining hall and eat till u cant move !

  3. Im not a believer in carbs pre workout because most carbs atleast good ones dont cause an immediate rise in blood glucose levels which can be attributed to energy boost that simple carbs have something like white bread candy soda can give this boost most complex carbs are long term energy you hear people who do pasta dinners the night before a game because they provide long term energy. Post workout i like to just get a fast digesting protein in there and then 2 1/2 hours later have a solid balanced meal with a good amount of protein.

  4. i dunno bout u but just having a protein shake will not keep me satisfied for 2.5 hours.... i usually wait 1.5 hours max after having a shake with hydrowhey and waxymaize then its one of the biggest meals of the day

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