looking tired!!

  1. looking tired!!

    guys I been looking really really tired an everyone has been telling me this..
    I do not think I overtrain...
    I work out at least 4 days a week... with boxing pratice on Mondays..
    and I sleep at least 7 to 8 hours...

    can anyone give me some quick remedies..

    should I put cucumbers in my eyes or just eat em..


  2. never tried this personally, but i here that one of those cold pack face masks first thing upon waking for 15 minutes or so tightens up the area around your eyes and such...

  3. You could hit the tanning bed once or twice a week. Horrible for your skin but a darker complexion makes one look healthier.

  4. I'm rican.. I don't need a tanning saloon

  5. How is your diet? If you're training hard and not getting enough nutrients it will start to wear on you.

  6. my diet is ok... not the best, mostly clean... I make sure I eat fruits and vege... I take animal pak as well...
    could it be the test?

  7. You're on Test?

  8. Get more sleep.


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