Food Suggestions going shopping?

  1. Food Suggestions going shopping?

    Hey whats up im a college kid who as you know is strapped for money most of the time im hitting up costco tommorow and need some ideas mainly for easy to make stuff thats still healthy i have a good deal of pasta a lot of brown rice 6-7 pounds of chicken so im doing pretty good on the main stuff but im looking for other meals or other ideas stuff that is cheap fills you up and if its good for you thats a plus im not running an extremely strict diet since sometimes i just dont have time to prepare the food.

    I dont know if theres much you guys can help with but anything you guys normally buy other then the normal stuff like chicken, pasta, rice, meat

  2. They sell almonds, carrots, broccoli, cucumbers, peppers all in bulk at Costco. Get any of those things for snacks.

  3. If you can afford steak, apparently the shoulder (flank) is very decent low priced cut.

  4. Flats of eggs to hard boil. Great, easy to carry protein to eat between classes.

  5. almond butter, its pricier than peanut just dont abuse eat and eat the whole thing in a day



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