What kind of diet should I follow?

  1. What kind of diet should I follow?

    I've been doing weight training for the last 3 years, but this year I just couldn't do gym due to work schedule, so my only option to stay fit is doing some home exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups, dips and abs, and swimming with a trainer telling me what to do, being the swimming the main part of my sports activity. With this said, what should be the kind of diet more apropriate to someone on this kind of sports activity? And how can I aply the knowledge that I have in terms of nutrition (protein ratios per pound of BW, glicemic index and all we need to know to get mass on our bodies) to this kind of activities?

  2. If you really want to do dirt then do first of all exercise and yoga this is best for health, then eat only diet food like fruits, vegetable, soup, fruit juice etc, take proteins and vitamins in food, Ignore fatty and calories food.

  3. There is a diet i am trying that is in the new muscle and fitness magazine. it consists of mainly meats protein shakes and vegtables with a few fruits and very little carbs. I have been on it for about 3 weeks and am surprised that i have lost weight but still kept muscle mass. The vegtables also give me plenty of energy without the carbs. My shopping list usually consists of steak, chicken, fish, broccoli, bell peppers, bananas, apples, milk, eggs. I have really enjoyed this diet and i think it would work for you. might be worth trying

  4. Kenny what do you mean with "do dirt"? (lack of my english once again )
    And Austin, that sounds like a nice and simple diet, do know where can I get that article of the M&F magazine? And can you give me an exemple of how do you structure the diet?

  5. No one?

  6. Hey sorry for taking so long to respond. My diet usually consists of
    Breakfast: 4 egg omelet with ham bacon and broccoli, and a protein shake with milk.
    a protein shake and some fruit between breakfast and lunch.
    Lunch: 3 pieces of chicken with a whole bell pepper
    pre workout i will usually eat a small bowl of fruit
    post workout i immediatley drink a protein shake
    dinner: usually a steak or some fish with brocolli or bell peppersright before bed i drink a casein shake mixed with water

  7. Have a balanced and enriched nutritional food in intake to maintain the gravity of muscles.

  8. PALEO DIET babyyyy FTW

  9. Thanks Austin Since you haven't mentioned the protein powder I really started to wonder "what the hack does he takes alone with fruits or post workout?" That sounds like the kind of diet I'm/was on before my summer vacations, and is very pleasent to do it
    Anton, basicly this is paleo diet for the dairy products exception

  10. yea thats what i eat, paleo diet with whey. for postworkout carbs I eat red potatoes, they have an alkaline PH and the GI is not too high. also no gluten or any other anti-nutrients

  11. Hello friend,
    I think yoga is the better option for you because it's very simple and easy to do. Another thing is morning walk and running.



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