Cottage cheese and low fat yogurt mix

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    Cottage cheese and low fat yogurt mix

    Since I'm a hardgainer I'll eat some heavier cal stuff, for one, I can't stand the taste of cottage cheese, have to add stuff so I can tolerate it. But last night I mixed CC and yogurt, with some no fructose syrup, peanut butter, flax seeds, and raisons. Damn it was good, better than some "actual" deserts imo lol... think I found my new before bed snack.

    I don't know how some can eat CC by itself... I'd rather go through waterboarding torture lol

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    I eat cottage cheese for breakfast and before bed. If simply sprinkling Splenda on it doesn't do the trick for ya try experimenting with the different Jell-o fat and sugar free packages. If I need a desert I'll use the cheesecake powder and mix it all up...

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