Need Help With My Weight-Gain Diet

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    Need Help With My Weight-Gain Diet

    Hey everyone, to start off i'm 21 years old, 6'1 and 160lb ectomorph with a very high metabolism. I've somewhat created a nutrition plan for myself (which i know is not perfect) and was wanting some opinions/ideas.

    Breakfast - 1 bowl oatmeal; 1 banana; 1 scoop whey protien mixed with water; 1 glass chocolate milk

    Snack 1 - Can of Tuna

    Lunch/PreWorkout Meal - As much as i can eat of anything healthy (Making sure to get alot of protien and carbs)

    PostWorkout - 1 scoop whey protien mixed with water; peanut butter and honey sandwich

    Dinner - As much as i can eat of anything healthy

    Snack 2 - Large can of white chicken breast covered in shredded cheese

    Midnight Snack - 1 banana; Almonds; glass of chocolate milk

    I also make sure to drink a gallon of water everyday. I know this isnt as much as i should be eating but its ALOT better than what i used to eat. I'm not really new to weightlifting but I am definately new to the nutrition aspect of it which im starting to realize is the most important. Any help/tips/corrections are greatly appreciated. Thanks guys

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    Well If you want to weight gaining then you must be take some nutrition and also carb, You can take some proteins and vitamins in your breakfast It will really helpful to gain your weight and also there are no any side effect.

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