Current Diet, times right?

  1. Current Diet, times right?

    So this is my current diet, and approximate times that I eat. I was wondering if I should change the foods around any?

    ~9am - Protein shake and peach(usually bananas but switched this week)
    ~11am - 1 1/4 cup multi grain cheerios and 1 yoplait light yogurt
    ~1pm - about a 5.5 oz steak, grilled, seasoned and 2 string cheese made with 2% milk
    ~3.30 1 can tuna in water and 1 cup trail mix
    ~5.30 Turkey and Ham hoagie 5-7 thin slices of each with 2 nonfat american cheese slices with a kashi granola bar(honey almond and flax)
    ~8 8oz chicken and 2 celery stalks.

    Oh sometimes those times times vary a little.

    I was thinking of putting the sandwhich at 1, the steak at 3.30 and the tuna at 5.30, what do yall think? Does it matter much? I would think those carbs from the hoagie roll should be earlier. I work out at 6.30pm. Thanks

  2. You need way more fat in there. EVOO, beef, coconut oil, etc.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. oh man im tryin to reduce my fat intake, why do i need more fat? I am trying to slim up my midsection a bit

  4. Consuming fat does not make you fat. That is a huge misconception. Fat is essential for hormone production, cushioning of joints, etc. To lower fat to the level you're at for an extended period of time is very bad for the endocrine system.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  5. well **** just when you think you got things figured out. ok so now ill be on a search for healthy fats that i can add. im quite intrigued to find out 'fat' from food doesnt = fat on your body. the googling will never end lol

  6. What about fish oil. Im taking fish oil and flax seed supplements. Or do you have any suggestion on how I should modify my diet?


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