College Kid needs help with diet

  1. College Kid needs help with diet

    Hey whatsup everyone im going off to college living in an apartment and need some advice on my diet first some background thought im 6 foot 3 about 205 pounds been lifting for 2 years or so im 18 im going to be playing baseball in college. I have never dialed in my diet just basically ate whatever the parents made but deffinately changing that i have a basic diet set up but i dunno what to do for some parts i know your supposed to eat like 4-5 meals a day 2-3 hours apart and stuff but if you could go through my diet a bit and see if its all right or suggest some spots to change. Im going mainly for a recomp trying to add strength while cutting a bit of fat recomps the slower way to go but shouldnt be hard for me.

    I wake up between 7-9 each day and have practice at 2-5 each day classes are in morning

    Meal 1- Oatmeal 100 cals 4g protein Nature Valley Bar 180 cals = 380 cals 8g protein

    Meal 2- Protein shake with milk 400 cals 44g protein = 400 cals 44g protein

    Meal 3- Eat at school caf for lunch dont have exact cals and what not yet but probally just sandwhich and some salad

    Meal 4- Protein Shake with Water 208 cals 44g protein = 208 cals 44g protein

    Meal 5- 8 oz chicken 240 cals 52g protein 1 cup brown rice 300 cals 8g protein / 1 cup whole grain pasta 400 cals 16g protein = 940 cals 76g protein

    Predbed snack- Greek Yogurt 140 cals 14g protein = 140 cals 14g protein

    Snack- All Natural Peanut butter a scoop or two throughout the day to help meet caloric needs

    =2068 Cals 186g protein + whatever i have for lunch that day.

    My maintence cals is right around 3000 from what i caluclated and since the meal at school is around 900 cals normally from what i understand it will put me at 2968 cals and probally around 230g protein. Is any part of this diet poor or needs adjustment. Please critique suggest bash do whatever i want to dial in on my diet

    As far as daily supplements go i have the following

    Fish oil
    MVP/ZMK Stack
    Green Tea
    Dicreatine Malate (add 2 grams to my jack3d pre workout)

  2. u need more cals, figure ur losing a great deal of them during pratice/working.....just my opinion...meal 5 seems much rice makes me feel bloated!
    if 3000 is your maintain try to have a total of 2500 by the end of the day. 3500 cals=1 a pound a week if you tweek your input/output every now and then. not much but adds up

  3. Alright i kinda thought i wasnt getting enough cals ill add some more to meals 1 and 3 and take some of the rice off i think i'll add a couple eggs to the first meal and something else to meal 3. Thanks for the adivce

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