Where to buy Chicken Breast

  1. Where to buy Chicken Breast

    So finnally living on my own this year not commuting to college anymore but now i have to do some grocery shopping whats the best place to find good chicken breast cheap ive heard at like sams club you can get like 15 breasts for 15$ but hows the quality of them? Ive heard bulk is the way to go but theres a shaws right near where im living about 2 minutes i havent checked out the prices there does anyone know?

    So basically what im asking is where do you buy your chicken and how much is it?

  2. Hit up Stop n Shop when they have the big buys. It's like 8 breasts of chicken for $1.99 a pound. Buy it in bulk when they have this sale (once a month) and freeze it. The same goes for their big buys on steaks and pork chops. Otherwise, Sams club sells Tyson bagged chicken which is pretty good and easy to grab from the freezer as well.

    Where in Ct are you?

  3. Down in the western part but i'll be living up in mass just outside of boston. Im not up there yet but when i am im gonna check out the surrounding stores for the best prices but that deal at stop n shop sounds great. Im going to be living off chicken it seems like deffinately cheapest from what ive heard. and of course veggies brown rice all the normal stuff.

    Theres a stop n shop like 5 minutes from where im living so thats probally where im gonna head How long does the sale last on the chicken i see on Peapod here http://www.peapod.com/itemDetail_fra...=1282357649606 this is 1.99 a pound like you said is that always or certain time of the month? And it says its about 3-4 pounds that should be how many servings, sorry im very new to cooking on my own.

  4. I don't recall what time of the month the sale is, but I believe it's once every 30 days or so. I just bought $100 dollars worth of various meats, chicken, steak, turkey cutlets, bison and such this past week. I couldn't pass up the deals at the time and I know I'm going to eat it all eventually. ...it goes quicker than you think

  5. Ya i see theres a sale going on right now for it but im not moving in for another two weeks so hopefully i can catch it next go round my budget is very slim so i have to get whatever deals come by.

  6. I live out west and use costco for all my meats they have the best prices and highest quality on meats, but you gotta be a member plus you're buying large quantities

  7. a couple of my friends (with deeper pockets than me) use eattogrow.com and buy bulk chicken, bison burgers, steak etc from there. Luckily this year they are living in an apartment with me and share the wealth. btw it comes out to about 3.88 a pound from that site before shipping which can be on the pricey side depending where you live.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by jumpshot903 View Post
    Ya i see theres a sale going on right now for it but im not moving in for another two weeks so hopefully i can catch it next go round my budget is very slim so i have to get whatever deals come by.
    Yep. Bought a bundle of chicken last night for $1.79 a pound. Quite the deal.

  9. sams club, costco, are the way to go. sure, you gotta spring for the membership. but once you do, great prices and quality on chicken, ground beef, steaks, fish too. not to mention oats, veggies, bott. water, canned tuna, anything and everything...

  10. Sams has frozen chk 10 pounds for $22.00 thats what I get all the time.
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  11. Ya i deffinately would love a membership to one of those places but the nearest costco, sams club, or other whole sale store is a good 20-30 minutes away and id have to talk with my roomates mainly the one who has the car hopefully we can work it out to just all go once a month and buy everything in bulk save money and trips to the local stop and shop.

  12. Sweetbay (a chain here in florida) does the breasts with skin + bone still on them for 99 cents a pound every month or two. Roast them up, peel off the skin peel it off the bone. Cheapest protein available.


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