Shirataki noodles?

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    Shirataki noodles?

    Are these real? That is, can I really eat 200g+ of shirataki noodles plain and only get 2-3g of carbs, 0g protein and 0g fat? Is this the perfect diet food?

    Low Carb Grocery: Product Details for Miracle Noodle- Fettucini Pasta (198g)

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    I read about these about a year ago in Men's Health, but never looked into it any further (I was pretty lazy in terms of if it wasn't at my grocery store of choice, I wasn't going to go out of my way to find it anywhere else).

    In theory and on paper they sure look great, but I can't say I ever did any additional research.
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  3. Made of Glucomanon. PURE FIBER

    Ive eaten them for years now (when dieting).

    The texture takes time to get used to but legit for sure.


    A similar comparisons could be....
    Fat Free Mayo to Mayo
    Definitely different but it serves its purpose and you get used to it

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