going on vacation!!!!!

  1. going on vacation!!!!!

    going on vacation.... for ten days. Dont want to lose everything i been working for!!! How can i stop this? I was thinking dips,pushups,crunches every morning when i wake up.

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    10 days won't be the end of you. Keeping your nutrition and diet in check is going to be the biggest factor. Make sure you're getting enough protein in. You can do some cardio and add in some non-resistance workouts as you've mentioned, too. If you've been working out for a long time consistently with no break, the 10 days off is actually going to be beneficial to you anyway, so just enjoy it - it's a vacation.

    p.s. If you're going to be binge drinking on this vacation, then disregard everything I said, because that would indicate you don't care that much about this anyway (not trying to be a jerk with this statement, simply throwing it out there if it happens to be the case).
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  3. nope no drinking for me!!! and yup i plan on taking some whey with me.... doing some pushups,situps dips everyday just to keep muscle functioning... fishing maybe a tiny arm workout lol but ya some rest might help

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