Meal before hitting the sack

  1. Meal before hitting the sack

    I am currently cutting and I am questioning my last meal of the day. I work out pretty late in the day due to my schedule. I get out of the gym at 10 pm, I have my PWO shake with a rice cake at about 10:30 pm and at about 11:15 pm I have about 175g of greek yogurt, 110 cals - 0.4g fat, 6g carbs, 20 g protein. I am in bed at 11:30-45. I can't sleep with a full stomach and this meal is small enough for me to fall asleep soon after eating it. Should I have something else or am having yogurt when cutting ok ? I am debating if I should replace the yogurt with some shrimp...about 100g or so.

  2. i think your good to go

  3. I think your good to go too. Depending on your sleep schedule, set an alarm and get up around 3 and have a small bowl of cottage cheese

  4. That will be fine while cutting and won't give you that bloated feeling. I am currently in contest prep and will have a can of chicken or tuna and some fibrous carbs before bed.

  5. ya lean protein and green veggies are good



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