Need new vitamins

  1. Question Need new vitamins

    Okay, well to start off i'm 15
    I weigh roughly 155
    and i play the linebacker position
    Any help?
    im currently taking
    Fish oil 1000mg x 4 times a day
    A daily multivitamin
    and about 200 grams of protein a day or so
    I'm on and off with MRI Black Powder as a pre workout

    I really want to redo my whole stack since this isnt much of a stack anyway.

    I need to find some new vitamins to keep my body in order, and get better gains in the weightroom during season

  2. Keep on eating and training. Eat a lot, stay in the gym, play football and you will grow like a weed. At your age you don't need a ton of supplements to grow. I started creatine at 16. But I am not sure about how this would effect your development (if at all). Make sure to check with your parents before you start anything.

  3. Well i wasnt really looking into a Creatine type supplement. More of an 5-htp kinda thing. but i want a basic set of vitamins to help for recovery and such.

  4. What would you want 5 HTP for? You can't sleep?

    I'd give anything to have the health of a 15 year old again. The best thing you can do is pick up a copy of Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength, and do GOMAD (gallon of milk a day).

    There is no supplement in the world that could replace or enhance the anabolic wonder of being 15. If there was, everyone would be on it. Just put calories and quality food in, do the work, and I promise you will grow and recover faster.

    Find a good S&C coach, learn the Olympic lifts, and train like a power athlete.

    I wouldn't do much more than maybe some Carlson's Fish Oil, a Raw One Multi, and some All Pro Science Whey protein as far as supplements. Stick to the basics, they are the foundation.

  5. Adam has always done me right. I always recommend them.

  6. Yeah just stick with a solid multi vitamin like NOW Adam, Controlled Lab's Orange Triad, or Anabolic Addiction's MFV. At 15 with good Olympic lifts your gonna grow like crazy. Just still with your fish oil, protein and multi vitamin, your golden.

  7. Good multi vitamin:
    Start taking Vitamin D. It's less than 5 bucks for a years supply, and it improves athletic performance, as well as strengthening bones and reducing all types of cancer. Just buy the highest dose from any local store, 5000 iu is usually as high as they come.

  8. Thanks for your help guys, Might invest in either the NOW Adam or the Life extension daily vitamin and re up on my fish oil running low haha

  9. Quick question, Where could i find NOW Adam?
    Is it only sold online?

  10. If you only have the option from buying from a store, i'd just find a reliable name brand vitamin and grab it. It's not a huge deal, but ordering off the internet lets you be a little picky.

  11. Orange triad gets my vote, take a look at it.
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