60000IU Vitamin D3

  1. 60000IU Vitamin D3

    Hi all,

    A doctor prescribed my grandmother to take 60000IU of cholecalciferol(powder form) once a week.I am wondering if i can take it once a week because i don't go out in the sun much or rather take Carlson 2000IU(2 caps) everyday.

  2. Just do what the doc says.
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  3. You wanna take your grandma's meds?
    My mom got prescribed like a really high amount of VitD/week too. I don't know if you can absorb all of that at once though...
    I think it's better to take it in smaller doses throughout the week w/ fats.

  4. Yeah man...no reason for a normally healthy person to take that much at once. Take 1,000IU to 3,000IU a day. Taking it w/ calcium is good as well b/c it helps the calcium absorb better. I take mine w/ milk usually. My friend was prescribed 50,000IU a week because he had some type of thyroid problem. And your grandmother (I'm assuming) is old. Old women have calcium problems...Vitamin D3 helps w/ calcium absorption...put it together.

  5. Stealing your grandmother's prescriptions. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  6. Dry form doesn't appear to be absorbed as well. Once a weeks vs daily dosing doesn't seem to matter either.


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