How do you cooked your eggs?

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  1. How do you cooked your eggs?

    just wanna ask.

  2. scrambled with bacon, steak, 1 tomato and 1 avocado. all scrambled in half a stick of butter

  3. hmm..interesting! how about sunny side up?

  4. An egg omelette...4 eggs + 1/2 onion + 1/4 of a lettuce on the side as additional veggies.

    I season the omelette with salt/red pepper

  5. Quote Originally Posted by TipTopShape View Post
    hmm..interesting! how about sunny side up?
    nope never done it, maybe next time!

  6. I don't But the rare times I do it's sunny side up or poached

  7. Lately Ive just been hard boiling them... Dont feel like doing dishes if I scramble them haha..Its actually pretty good. I knock off around 8 a day lol.

  8. I eat around 8-12 a day in a variety of ways. I really like boiled with salt and hot sauce for the go to. Add some cut up cucumber for texture etc. I also like Viking omelets that I have pioneered.

  9. 3-6 eggs, let them cook on one side, push them together, flip, salt, pepper, cheese on top......MMMMMMMMMM

  10. 5-6 large at a time, scrambled. Omega 3 Butter to grease the pan. Very Yummy.

  11. 8 whites scrambleed w/ pepper, im lame
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  12. 3 whole/3 whites scrambled...salt and pepper to taste with chipotle tabasco sauce..yummy!!
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  13. Quote Originally Posted by GeekPoop View Post
    8 whites scrambleed w/ pepper, im lame
    Dude if your lame, I'm a DUD....

    Nothing added plain and simple scrambled eggs is usually how I roll....

  14. egg whites are lame

  15. Quote Originally Posted by AntonG42O View Post
    egg whites are lame
    Agreed, they lack the complete amino profile and a whole list of other nutritional goodies that you get from eating a whole egg.

    Right now I am eating......7 WHOLE Eggs and 2 Cups of Broccoli.....

  16. 6 raw whole eggs a day for me. Mixed in my shakes. Tastes nommy

  17. Usually 3 egg whites+ 2 whole eggs on whole wheat bread toasted or lately been having it with 100g brown rice and 200g sweetcorn-this is what happens when your poor!

  18. Im not cooking them at all until the recall is over.....

  19. 8-10 whites scrambled, topped with mild salsa...mmmm

  20. scrambled with fat free mozzarella + high fiber tortillas + some green tabasco sauce or tomatillo..mmmm

  21. shirred eggs....cant beat em, google that ****.

  22. 4 eggs with pepper jack and 2 pieces of whole wheat toast

  23. I make my eggs all different ways, scrambled, sunnyside up, pouched, boiled, over easy, they all taste great. I usually make them with crushed red pepper and black pepper. If i make egg whites i scramble them and eat them with hot sauce.

  24. I cook just the egg whites, from the shell. (my family has a history of cholesterol issues)

    But I might scramble them or make an omlettte. On the off chance I do eat an eggs with the yolk It's always fried with hot sauce

  25. i dont care how clean my bulk is so my eggs might be different from others so here it goes!
    add oil in a pan-turn on high-put 3 eggs in-when i see the eggs get brown around the edge then i scramble them-add 2 slices of cheese and 4 oz pork-add 8 slices of ham to honey wheat bread-slap the eggs/pork on that=badass sammich! wash it all down with a big ol glass of whole milk and your good to go<and i agree with not seperating your egg whites....thats like taking the fat off a steak! how dare u sir!!


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