Meals to eat before bed -

Meals to eat before bed

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    Meals to eat before bed

    I know casien protein is the best type to eat before bed but what types of foods have that besides milk and cottage cheese which is what i have been eating for the last couple months

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    my favorite pre bed meal is 2 cups almond milk with a scoop of your favorite casein protein, good fats and slow digesting protein to last until breakfast.. trusciences casein is the shiz by the way..

    only meals i have ever had before bed are
    cottage cheese + 1-2 tbsp natty PB or almond butter
    cottage cheese + 1/4 cup almonds
    2 cups almond milk + casein powder

    i guess its pretty limited for me but have you tried mixing CC with PB? tastes amazing..

    You could also try making an omelet..

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