Best fat loss diet

  1. Best fat loss diet

    Looking for a solid provin diet for fat loss I run at least a mile morning and night just need something written to go by would be very helpful I'm 208 I need to be down to about 185 for weigh in in a couple weeks and supplements that could aid in results and any foods that speed up metabolism thanks

  2. Keto diet does the trick, im not going to look up the info for you but just search for keto and im sure the results will be plentiful..

    I like making my own diet though, easier to stick with..

  3. Carb cycling, calorie deficit, and cut water weight for the weigh in.

  4. I've always liked carb cycling too.

    Watch your sodium intake as well.

    What kind of competition are you weighing in for?

    Let me see if I can get Rodja in here. He's probably got this down to a science
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

  5. 23 lbs is a BIG cut. Have you cut before previously?
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  6. He's asking about fat loss, but I PMd you about cutting since the weight needs to be off "in a couple of weeks."

    I'm guessing he's going to need to both lose weight and cut weight.
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  7. Hey guys thanks alot for the advice I'm actually going in the army and I have always been a pretty big guy not fat but big my bench ha always been 375-405 always on bulk if u know what I mean but now I gotta completely change everything and get as lean as possible I was 228 now I'm done to 204 today but I hav to go back to meps in 6 weeks for another weigh in my bodyfst yesterday at the gym was 17% on calipers and the handheld digital meter I'm 5'10 so I need to really lean out thanks guys

  8. Sorry, my mistake. You said weigh in and my brain automatically went to competing, lol.
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  9. No it's cool bro I just don't need to be carrying around this much mass at basic so trying to get s diet together to go by
  10. Smile

    It is really good that you are concern about your health. Exercise will definitely help you a lot, but you should keep your diet in control. Food supplements with low fat can be helpful. All the best.


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